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Why REFUsol ?

Reasons why to choose REFUsol inverters

No. 1 in Efficiency due patented UltraEta® topology
Expirience in Solar Inverters
Inverters delivered worldwide

REFUsol 8K..23K

The new generation

Key features of REFUsol 8K..23K Inverter

  • Future-proof
  • Worldwide use
  • Flexibly decentralized
  • Max. input voltage 1000 V
  • Nummber of MPPTs 1
  • 38.4 kg for easy in stallation
  • Max. efficiency 98.3 %
  • Version for Japan and America availaible
Secured Yield
  • Max. efficiency 98.3%
  • Future-proof
  • Natural convection cooling
Intelligent Design
  • Flexibly decentralized
  • Ethernet and RS485 communication
  • Only 38.4 kg for easy installation
  • TÜV, CE, G59/3, BDEW
  • Worldwide use

REFUsol 40K /46K

String Inverter for large PV systems

Key features of REFUsol 40K/46K Inverter

  • UltraEta® Topology
  • Natural convection cooling
  • Cloud-based monitoring
  • Max input voltage 1000V
  • 75.6kg for easy installation
  • Version 40K and 46K
  • Ethernet and RS485 connections
High Power Yield
  • Max. efficiency 98.3%
  • Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.4
  • UltraEta® Topology
Intelligent Design
  • DC and AC terminals using Phoenix Contact T-LOX technology
  • Integrated Ethernet and RS485
  • Natural convection cooling
  • TÜV, CE, G59/3, BDEW

REFUsol 100K

The next generation of 1,000 V solar string inverters

Key features of REFUsol 100K Inverter

  • Highly flexible design
  • Best serviceability
  • Maximum power density
  • Minimized BOS costs
  • Easy repowering
  • Max. input voltage 1000 V
  • Nummber of MPPTs 1
  • 65 kg for easy in stallation
  • Max. efficiency 98.3 %
  • Highly flexible – for decentralized or centralized plant designs
Highly flexible – for decentralized or centralized plant designs

No matter, whether you would like to use the REFUsol 100K in decentralized or centralized plant designs, it is a perfect fit for both variants. The roomy ConnectionBox is available with either fused direct string connections for distributed designs, or with a single DC input for centralized designs.

Installation just in time – for maximized ROI

The ConnectionBox and Inverter can be delivered independently in separate shipments: in effect, the ConnectionBox is installed during cable work, the power conversion unit (inverter) just before commissioning. Hereby costs are optimized and risks reduced.

Always compatible – worldwide

The REFUsol 100K can be connected to any grid voltage between 380 and 480 VAC, offering maximum power between 83 and 100 kVA.


No either / or decision.

Key features of REFUcube

  • Reduced costs and risk
  • Easy installation thanks to plug & play preparation
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Available in power classes – from 0.5 MW to 3 MW
Reduced maintenance

Thanks to the natural convection cooling of the REFUsol 46K inverters and the intelligent ventilation concept of the container don’t require fans or air conditioning for the inverter compartment. This means the need for maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Ease and celerity of installation

The REFUcube comes already as pre-wired container, internally all DC cables, AC wiring and distribution as well as data communication are already installed. It can be transported easily to and handled at the solar plant location thanks to its low weight and compact design. The REFU CombinerBoxes are positioned close to the solar panels and therefore allow short PV string cables and only one cable pair (+/–) from each DC CombinerBox to the container.

Risk reduction

The REFUcube ensures an optimal compatibility of all components in the system and is conceptualized as a plug & play solution. The integration of string inverters allows on the one hand an easy replacement in case of problems, while on the other hand guaranteeing a continuous operation of the remaining inverters. Therefore the overall system availability will be close to 100 %.

Cost savings

The design and easy installation of the REFUcube provides several areas of cost savings: the reduction of cabling, minimized set-up and installation effort as well as reduction of commissioning costs.


Of REFUsol or Advanced Energy inverters

Repair onside.
Our certified service technicians come to you and repair defective inverters at cost-transparent prices.
Onside service makes sense in following cases:

  • Software update
  • Problem with communications
  • Huge PV plants
  • Random Problems

Repair or Pool inverter ?
We also offer repairs and exchange for the main type of REFUsol and Advanced Energy inverters.
The main type of inverters can be dispatched from our stock within 24 hours from the order.

  • Advanced Energy AE 3TL 8-23 (IEC), AE 3TL 40/46 (IEC)
  • REFUsol Models 8..23K, 40/46K

Exchange Refusol

Remote service via Teamviewer

Many questions can be answered within a remote service. Problems can be solved. Software update and establishment of communication is possible. Root cause can be analyzed. We look forward to hearing from you!

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